A Sit Down With DJ Gramatik


Denis Jasarevic, aka Gramatik, is just getting into the meat of his Age of Reason Lowtemp tour in the U.S. and Europe. On April 10th, he made a small pit stop at the Copper Dragon, a venue in a small college town, Carbondale, Illinois. Gramatik brought his own lights, sound, and production crew, so he came, set up, and then tore […]

A Sit Down With A DJ Jazzy Jeff


Jeff Townes aka Jazzy Jeff‘s career has seen him comfortably juggle having a high profile within the most popular aspects of hip hop, while being permanently respected and active in the music’s underground. Very few people have ever managed that. Jeff was one of the early DJs in the city that would be influenced by the emerging hip […]

A Sit Down With DJ Derrick Carter


 Derrick Carter is a deft mixer and can build and release the energy in a room so subtly his touch is almost subliminal, but other than that there’s nothing understated about his sets. This is an essential part of his practical-minded philosophy of DJing. Carter became one of the city’s most popular local DJs, securing […]

A Sit Down With DJ Getter


If you haven’t heard of Tanner Petulla – aka Getter – I don’t know what the frick is wrong with you. Whether it be the OWSLA artist’s insanely well-produced music or his hilarious internet presence, the San Jose native’s wide range of talents has garnered him one of the largest and most loyal followings in electronic music. Producer […]