A Sit Down With DJ Dub Fx

Benjamine Stanford, aka Dub Fx, is one of the most complete artists in the world. He is a beatboxer, a mc, an excellent musician and producer, as well as an excellent entertainer. His rhythms and rhymes have struck the attention of millions of passersby on the street, from where he started his amazing live career. […]

A Sit Down With DJ Jump Smokers

Jump Smokers are Roman, Flipside & Johnny Digital. That ‘Jump Smokers Sound’ will make you dance, rock, shake AND pop (probably all at the same time). The Chicago based crew have created dance club anthems that have led industry insiders to nickname them “Kings of the Dancefloor”. The Jump Smokers have created club bangers for […]

A Sit Down With DJ Brodinski

While working on his signature sound, Brodinksi has also worked behind the scenes for others. He and his manager, Manu Barron, started the label Bromance in 2011, and since then, the label has released projects from Danny Brown, Kaytranada, and Brodinski’s hometown homies Club Cheval. Then in 2013, he brought his talents to Kanye West’s Yeezus, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Gramatik

Denis Jasarevic, aka Gramatik, is just getting into the meat of his Age of Reason Lowtemp tour in the U.S. and Europe. On April 10th, he made a small pit stop at the Copper Dragon, a venue in a small college town, Carbondale, Illinois. Gramatik brought his own lights, sound, and production crew, so he came, set up, and then tore […]

A Sit Down With A DJ Jazzy Jeff

Jeff Townes aka Jazzy Jeff‘s career has seen him comfortably juggle having a high profile within the most popular aspects of hip hop, while being permanently respected and active in the music’s underground. Very few people have ever managed that. Jeff was one of the early DJs in the city that would be influenced by the emerging hip […]