A Sit Down With DJ Syn Cole

In a world where almost anyone can become a superstar overnight, there are few in the “big-room” game that have risen with such subtlety and decorum as Syn Cole. Avoiding the unscrupulous tactics of some of his contemporaries such as buying likes and hiring ghost producers, this Estonian DJ and producer (born Rene Pais), 26, […]

A Sit Down With DJ Crizzly

As the sun set on Sherwood Forest in Michigan and warm hues began to glow bright in the sky, the Tripolee tent at Electric Forest glowed brighter. Chris Lee Marshall, better known by his stage name and nickname, Crizzly, was cutting through the colorful atmosphere with an aggressive fusion of dubstep and hip-hop music. The […]

A Sit Down With DJ Marco V

Born in the Dutch lowlands of Heeswijk-Dinther, Marco Verkuijlen has established himself as one of the most inventive, diverse and creative electronic music minds working today. Through his very first releases he became the architect of tech-trance; a sound that went on to become a fully-fledged electronic music phenomena.    “I think it’s nice to […]

A Sit Down With DJ Yves V

Yves V is one of the big players who joins the biggest EDM festival, Tomorrowland year after year and delivers his own world to the fans. In 2014, he got into the DJ MAG TOP 100 DJs ranking and in 2016, he was ranked as 62nd place, proving himself to be a world class DJ/Producer. He continues to […]

A Sit Down With DJ Xilent

With his ultra-bold tracks between dubstep and EDM, Xilent has risen to become one of the hottest producers and remixers. In the studio he uses powerful tools and the efficient workflow of Bitwig. But nothing is more important to him than a good idea that you can hum in the shower.   “As long as you treat […]