A Sit Down With DJ Dub Fx

Benjamine Stanford, aka Dub Fx, is one of the most complete artists in the world. He is a beatboxer, a mc, an excellent musician and producer, as well as an excellent entertainer. His rhythms and rhymes have struck the attention of millions of passersby on the street, from where he started his amazing live career. […]

A Sit Down With DJ Must Die

Many fans are probably not aware of this, but Must Die, or Lee when he’s being a civilian, was just in Seattle at the beginning of March and opened for Datsik’s show at the Showbox Sodo. After his set he spent some time with his good friend KJ Sawka (of Destroid and Pendulum) immersing himself in […]

A Sit Down With DJ Reid Speed

Drum and bass queen Reid Speed has been at the top of her game for years. Since she broke into the scene in the late ’90s, she’s continued to outshine her competitors, not only in drum and bass, but throughout the genres of Dubstep, trap and twerk music as well.   “The excitement of music never fails me.”   When […]

A Sit Down With DJ Crizzly

As the sun set on Sherwood Forest in Michigan and warm hues began to glow bright in the sky, the Tripolee tent at Electric Forest glowed brighter. Chris Lee Marshall, better known by his stage name and nickname, Crizzly, was cutting through the colorful atmosphere with an aggressive fusion of dubstep and hip-hop music. The […]

A Sit Down With DJ Snails

When you think of bass music acts one of the world’s most sough-after artists would have to be the Montreal-based Snails, a producer/DJ who has made a name for himself by combining hip-hop beats and off-kilter sound design into a new style he affectionately calls ‘vomitstep’. This fresh new sound has introduced the producer to […]